Moving to, within or out of Harlow

Moving to Harlow

Below is a list of information that may help when you move to Harlow.  Click on the links as required.


If you are already on or will be entitled to Housing and/or Council Tax benefits then you will need to complete a new application form up to 13 weeks before you take up the tenancy. 
Benefits will not start to be paid until you move into your new home.

Council Tax

If you change address you will need to complete a change of address form.

Bin collections

You can check your next collection day online.
If you do not have recycling and waste containers (bins) or if they are damaged when you move in, you can request bins. 


Find out your housing options. If you wish to join the Housing Needs Register in Harlow you will need to meet qualifying conditions. There is also a scheme to help social housing tenants move closer to their workplace. More information on Housing allocation and Move to Work.


You will need to register to vote under the new system, Individual Electoral Registration.  You can register online at or you can request a form by calling 01279 446042.
More information on Individual Electoral Registration


If you are moving to an area with a parking permit scheme you may wish to apply for a parking permit

Moving out of Harlow or within Harlow


If you are on already on benefits then you need to let us know of your change of circumstances within a calendar month of moving.

Council Tax

If you change address you will need to complete a change of address form.

Council Tenants

Before you move home, Council tenants will be expected to ensure that the property is in good order and return all keys to the Civic Centre by 12 noon on the Monday your tenancy ends.

If keys are received after this deadline you will be charged for another full week’s rent.


If you are on the Housing Needs Register and you move address, then you need to let us know of your change of circumstances.

Recycling and waste containers

If you move to a new home the recycling, non-recycling and food containers (wheelie bins, boxes and sacks) should be left at the old property.


If you are moving within Harlow, you should register using your new address online at:

If you are moving out of Harlow, when you register with your new authority you should give them your old address so we can remove your name from our Electoral Register. 

If you are moving abroad or wish to be removed for another reason please Contact Harlow so we can advise further.

More information on Individual Electoral Registration