Living and working in Harlow

Harlow Council is working hard to ensure Harlow is a great place to live and work.


Harlow Council has put together a list of local and national services which provide advice and information on money, employment, housing, family, tax, immigration, nationality, health and legal matters. More information on advice from other organisations


Harlow has allotment sites throughout the town and those who have an allotment say it gives them a great opportunity to grow their own flowers and vegetables and enjoy being out in the fresh air. More information and how to apply for a plot

Armed Forces and veterans

The Essex Armed Forces Community Covenant (EAFCC) looks to bring together the range of excellent work being done across the county to support the armed forces community and to build stronger relations with the civilian population. This includes in-Service and ex-Service personnel their families and widow(er)s in the Harlow District. More information on the EAFCC

Arts and theatre

Bogus callers

Most people who call at your home are genuine, however sometimes, so-called ‘bogus callers’ can turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking their way into your home. More information on bogus callers

Child and adult support

Harlow Council helps to provide the following services for children and families with disabilities and older people.

Adult and child social care (social services) is provided by Essex County Council


Councillors represent the interests of their constituents. Your Councillors can take up issues on your behalf and are here to represent your community.


Harlow Council offers a range of services for residents with disabilities, including grants to help make adaptations to homes, Council Tax reductions, and assisted recycling and waste collections, as well as making sure our offices are as accessible as possible and our website is easy to use. More information on disability services

Dogs and cats

A dog should have a collar and ID tag as this is a legal requirement. Microchipping your dog or cat helps identify them, if they become lost or stolen. 

You can contact Harlow Council if you find a stray, lost dog or if you have lost your dog or cat. More information on stray, lost and found dogs and lost cats.


Harlow Council has established a Harlow Strategic Educational Attainment Partnership. Members include Harlow Council, Essex County Council, Anglia Ruskin University, Harlow College, Harlow Schools through the Harlow Education Consortium (HEC) and the voluntary sector in Harlow.

Employment and learning

The Harlow Rapid Response Group is a partnership led by Harlow Council, and includes Harlow College, Jobcentre Plus and Adult Community Learning. The group was set up to provide a co-ordinated support service to Harlow companies and workers facing a redundancy situation. More information on employment, redundancy and learning new skills

Food and eating out in Harlow

Food Standards rating 5 is very goodFind out if a restaurant, takeaway or food shop you want to eat at or buy food from has good food hygiene standards. Ratings are also given to schools, hospitals and residential care homes. More information on food ratings and inspections

Harlow Council monitors and investigates food poisoning and infectious diseases. More advice on food poisoning and infectious diseases.


Are you interested in fostering? Essex County Council are keen to hear from anyone interested in fostering, particularly carers who are able to offer placements for children over eight, children with complex needs, sibling groups and children with disabilities. More information on fostering

Gas, electrical and fire safety

Whether you own or rent your home, it should be free from gas, fire and electricity faults. More information on Gas, electrical and fire safety

Get involved and volunteer

If you live or work in Harlow, you can get involved in a variety of ways, such as asking a question at meetings of the Council, creating a petition or volunteering: More information on how you can get involved

Green spaces maintenance and street cleaning

Harlow Council manage and maintain Harlow’s streets, green spaces, wildlife sites and landscape areas.

Harlow Times

Harlow Times is the Council's quarterly magazine for residents. It is delivered to every home in the district in March, June, September and December. More information on Harlow Times

Health and wellbeing

We have produced a Harlow Health and Wellbeing Partnership Strategy which sets out our commitment to help all our residents benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle. To find out more about what we are doing with other partners across Essex, visit the Livewell website

To find out about how to keep active through walking, visit our Walking in Harlow page.


Harlow has five libraries, which are run by Essex County Council. To find your local library or to reserve a book please visit Essex County Council - libraries

Parking in Harlow

Pest Control

Harlow Council offers advice and in some circumstances a bookable service to help combat problem pests. More information on pest control

Reducing waste - saving energy and money

Every year, thousands of tonnes of unnecessary waste are sent to landfill. By reducing what we consume we can prevent waste and save energy, water and resources. More information on how you can reduce your waste and energy

Sports and Leisure

Walking is a get way to improve your health and fitness. For more information and ideas visit the Ramblers website.

Street parties

Street parties are a great way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit. Find out what you need know and do if you want to hold one in Harlow. More information on Street Parties

Taxi Check Live! ®

Harlow Council has a system which allows residents, businesses and visitors to check instantly via a smart phone whether a taxi is licensed or not. A vehicle licensed by Harlow Council means that a number of checks have been carried out on the vehicle and on the driver. More information on Taxi Check Live! ®

Voting and elections

Although it is your choice whether you vote or not, if your name does not appear on the Electoral Register you will not be able vote in any elections or referendums and you may also have trouble obtaining credit. Paying your Council Tax does not mean that you are automatically put on the Electoral Register. More information on voting and elections

Youth Council

Harlow Youth Council represents the views and opinions of young people in the town. It is an opportunity for all young people to have their say, through their Youth Councillor, about issues that affect them. More information on Harlow Youth Council.

Young people

The Big White Wall - Free online support service for young people experiencing worry, anxiety or stress. Available to all 16-18 year olds, as well as young people with special educational needs (SEN) who are aged 16-25, Big White Wall is a safe online community where individuals can talk about their feelings and share their experiences with other people who feel the same.