Gritting in Harlow

Essex County Council’s (ECC) Highways department is responsible for gritting the main roads and footpaths in Harlow.

You can find out more on their gritting service, and follow the real time progress of gritters, at Essex County Council - winter travel.

Local salt bins

There are salt bins provided throughout the town to help drivers and pedestrians treat icy conditions in their local area.

The bins contain a salt and sand mix which you can use for public roads and pavements - it should not be used for private driveways.

More information, and a map salt bin locations can be found at Essex County Council - salt bins

Salt Bag Partnership Scheme

The ECC Salt Bag Partnership Scheme is for groups of residents who want to have an allocation of salt.

To apply for the scheme, you need to contact your County Councillor for a 25kg salt bag, ahead of a snow day.

Once your application has been agreed, you will need to pick up your bag from HTS (Property and Environment) Ltd at Mead Park.

You can find your County Councillor and their contact details at Essex County Website - Councillors information

Harlow Council gritting 

Further to ECC’s gritting of the highways, we also grit and help clear snow from areas that we own and manage, on behalf of ECC.

Where possible, and subject to availability of staff and grit, the following locations will be given a priority level to be cleared by our teams:

Where there are large open areas, a safe passage will be cleared rather than attempting to clear the whole area.

Areas not detailed in the priority lists below will not be gritted.

Priority 1

Priority 2

  • Bush Fair
  • The Stow
  • Staple Tye
  • Pets' Corner
  • Burgoyne Hatch
  • Katherines Hatch
  • Colt Hatch
  • Coppice Hatch
  • Elm Hatch
  • Fishers Hatch
  • Manor Hatch
  • Maunds Hatch
  • Pypers Hatch
  • Pollards Hatch
  • Sherards Hatch
  • Slacksbury Hatch
  • Sumners Hatch
  • The Hoo
  • Ward Hatch

Priority 3

  • Ambulance Station
  • Fire Station