Advertising and sponsorship

Harlow Council offers a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to businesses, organisations and residents. Whether you want to promote your business or products, sponsor an animal or host a corporate event there are a number of options available.

Roundabout sponsorship

Roundabout Sponsorship is currently under review until 2017. If you are interested in sponsoring a roundabout please email with the following information: 

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Contact email address
  • Which roundabout you are interested in sponsoring

The Regeneration Team will aim to respond as soon as possible.

Town Centre pitch rentals

Harlow Council offers designated trading pitches within Harlow Town Centre. Pitches are available in the Broad Walk pedestrianized area. If you are interested in renting a pitch, please contact us for more information. In the event that there are no pitches available, your details will be held on a waiting list.

  • Trading Pitches up to 10m2
    • Monday to Sunday (1 day per week) calculated monthly £78.00
  • Trailers up to 6 metres 
    • Monday - Sunday (1 day per week) calculated monthly £148.00
    • Monday - Sunday (each additional day) calculated monthly £100.00
  • Electricity
    • Monday - Sunday (1 day per week) calculated monthly £9.00

Applicants must obtain a Street Trading Licence before the commencement of trading. Pitches are restricted to a maximum rental space of 3m x 2m. If your requirements are over this maximum allowance Harlow Market may be an option to consider.

Events/promotional pitches

There are a number of chargeable pitches set aside in Harlow Town Centre for promotional stalls and events, mainly within Broad Walk. The charges are:

  • Monday to Thursday £127.00 plus VAT per day
  • Friday to Saturday £205.00 plus VAT per day
  • Sunday not available

A complete-week booking in Broad Walk will receive a discount of £128 per week. Invoices are sent and payment must be received prior to the event. Clients must keep a copy of the issued terms and conditions and provide a copy of their public liability insurance (minimum of £5 million) prior to their booking.

Not for Profit Promotional Pitches:

  • Monday to Sunday £27 plus VAT per day
  • Weekly £106 plus VAT
  • Monthly £312 plus VAT
  • Cancellation fee 20% of fee

There is no charge for a promotional pitch for Registered Charity organisations. However permission from Harlow Council is required as well as proof of public liability insurance:

Town Centre leafleting

Harlow Council grants permission to organisations and individuals who wish to hand out leaflets within Harlow Town Centre. There is no charge for leafleting however permission should be sought before undertaking any such activities. Permission can only be granted for Broad Walk, Stone Cross Market, Terminus Street, West Square and East Gate. Activities within the Harvey Centre and The Water Gardens requires permission from the separate centre management teams.

More information

To sponsor a roundabout, seek permission or for more information please contact the Regeneration Team on 01279 446450 or email:

To book a pitch please contact the Licensing Team.

Advertising with Harlow Times

Businesses can advertise in Harlow Times the Council's quarterly magazine for residents. It is delivered to every home in the town in March, June, September and December. Harlow Council is currently offering initial advertising for free in the magazine to local businesses. More information on Harlow Times and how to advertise

Pets' Corner corporate events and sponsorship

Pets' Corner can host a variety of corporate events, arranging team building days and family petting days. You can even sponsor one of the animals, promoting your company’s name and logo on the animal’s pen and receive a mention in any publicity regarding the animal. More information on Pets' Corner sponsorship and events