Advertising and sponsorship

Harlow Council offers a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to businesses, organisations and residents. Whether you want to promote your business or products, sponsor an animal or host a corporate event there are a number of options available.

Town Centre leafleting

Harlow Council grants permission to organisations and individuals who wish to hand out leaflets within Harlow Town Centre. There is no charge for leafleting however permission should be sought before undertaking any such activities. Permission can only be granted for Broad Walk, Stone Cross Market, Terminus Street, West Square and East Gate. Activities within the Harvey Centre and The Water Gardens requires permission from the separate centre management teams.

To ask for permission, you need to complete the online form, where you will need to upload a copy of the leaflet you want to distribute. 

Request permission to hand out leaflets

Advertising with Harlow Times

Businesses can advertise in Harlow Times the Council's quarterly magazine for residents. It is delivered to every home in the town in March, June, September and December. Harlow Council is currently offering initial advertising for free in the magazine to local businesses. More information on Harlow Times and how to advertise